Trypticon Strudel.

SnipSnap Plugins

The Trypticon site was running a few custom-developed SnipSnap plugins which are still planned for release even though I no longer use SnipSnap.


(Save) Download SnipSnap Plugins v0.1 ALPHA

This is the first, and probably the last release. The source is licenced under the Apache licence, so feel free to take the code and make something better. If you do, let me know. :-)


What's done so far:

  1. XmppMacro, used like {}, formatted like
  2. JabberIDLabel type, mainly for adding Jabber IDs to Person-type snips. Uses the {xmpp} macro to perform the actual formatting, to achieve an identical look.
  3. Basic status indicator. If you hover over any {xmpp} including the one in the JabberID label, you should see the current status of that JID, if the bot knows the user. The bot currently doesn't request authorisation from users it hasn't heard of, which may be a future feature but I would have to decide whether it's really important. In actual fact, it's trivial for a user to add the bot to their contact list. It will add them back, and then the status indicators will just work.
  4. Status indicator can now show the actual status string, or the link, or both, using parameters to the {xmpp} macro.
  5. Weblog posting via Jabber messages and Ad-hoc Commands. Bot finds the user snip(s) whose JabberID labels match the sender's bare JID. It then posts to every weblog specified in Weblog labels.
  6. Integration with the newer CommandBot, which is based on JSO instead of Smack.

Features I would have added next:

  1. A little lightbulb icon to the left of the JID, to mimic the snip, person and similar icons seen to the left of links.
  2. Snip update notifications via Jabber.
  3. Automatic emoticon replacement (extra points if it uses standard JISP files.)