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BEWARE: This is extremely experimental code. If it eats your cat, I am not to be held responsible.

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You can browse the API documentation, the front page of which also includes some basic examples to get you started.


The goal of this project is to create a Ruby on Rails convenience framework like Action Mailer, only for instant messaging. It was inspired in part by the difficulty in unit testing Jabber messaging functionality in the Typo weblog project, but also because I wanted to use Jabber from some of my own Rails prototypes.


  • Supports sending and receiving of messages, using an API inspired by Action Mailer;
  • Simple mocking out of message sending code, to make unit testing your messaging code almost trivial;
  • Configuration for the messengers separated from the code;
  • Ability to control multiple messengers, if you want, although a single messenger is much easier.

Planned features:

  • Templates for the message body (like Action Mailer);
  • Basic support for presence;
  • Support for replying to various types of query, such as service discovery and ad-hoc commands;
  • A rails generator for messengers.


If you have any ideas of what other features could be added into this list, let me know.