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This page is mostly a placeholder at the current point in time.

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What Is It?

CommandBot is a little embeddable Jabber/XMPP bot which I originally created to embed inside SnipSnap.

After a bit of work I managed to tidy it into a form which has no SnipSnap-specific functionality, and thus can be embedded into other people's servers.

What Can It Do?

Summary of features to date:

  • 100% platform-independent Java (that is to say, if any platform dependencies exist they will be treated as bugs);
  • Mostly XMPP compliant:
    • Supports SRV lookups for the xmpp-client service;
    • Supports both StartTLS and older-style SSL encryption;
    • Supports both SASL and older-style authentication;
  • Implements a simple application layer on top of JSO:
    • Simple framework for adding XEP-0030 Service Discovery to bot components;
    • Simple framework for defining XEP-0050 Ad-hoc Commands.