Trypticon Strudel.


This is a demo I whipped together over a day or two, demonstrating integration between the BouncyCastle OpenPGP implementation and the Prefuse graphing framework.


You will need Java 5.0 and an OpenPGP keyring to make any use of this demonstration. :-)

Screenshots may later be provided for people who don't, or won't, fulfill these requirements.


This application is Copyright © Trejkaz Xaoza 2005. Use and redistribution is permitted under the terms of the Apache Licence, Version 2.0.


Sorry, these download links won't work. Somehow the file went missing, and I can't find the code in source control either. :-(

(Save) Download PGP-Vis v0.1 Alpha 1 (binaries)

(Save) Download PGP-Vis v0.1 Alpha 1 (source)