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Fate/stay night (Winter)

Google map of the places below

Places still missing from the map are as follows. Some of the interior shots which were fairly generic are omitted. Interior shots of western-style houses are included on the off chance that they are inside publically accessible western houses (as is certainly the case with the Tohsaka residence living room.)

If you know any of these, or know more which are missing, let me know! :-)

Useful references:
MTAK's Site Exploration: Fate/stay night (excellent pics and maps) (additional maps)
Forerunner: Fate/stay night (helped with some interior shots)
Free Stroll (hint to Maya Kankou Hotel)
Discover Junk: Maya Kankou Hotel (some more pics of Maya Kankou Hotel)
Ruin Exploration Maps: Maya Kankou Hotel (found the map for Maya Kankou Hotel here)

Index of a bunch of other pages on the subject: