Trypticon Strudel.

Japan 2010

The plan:

  • Fly into Japan on December 21
  • Kobe from December 21-24
    • Tour sake breweries in the largest sake-producing region in the world and probably get free samples.
    • Track down some scenes from Fate/stay night, like so many other people.
    • Eat Kobe beef (this is pretty much a requirement, right?)
  • Kanazawa from December 24-26
    • Check out a temple full of ninja traps.
    • Buy a bunch of Japanese confectionary, primarily as souvenirs for the trip.
    • Learn to make Japanese confectionary? I dunno, I have no confidence in my skills.
  • Shirakawa-go from December 26-27
  • Tokyo from December 27-January 4
    • Attend Comiket 79, hopefully without being trampled into the ground.
    • Track down a bunch of visual novels, games and CDs from my wish list.
  • Fly back overnight January 4-5

Problems and their solution: