Trypticon Strudel.

Cyber Figure ARis

Main site is

Getting the software:

The software does require a serial number to install. It also appears to support multiple figures, so I guess we should expect to see more figures in the future.

Hidden English version?

I was digging around in the program install directory.

On my system it has installed to:


In there, there is a file called ArFigureUpdator.exe.config which has a "bug" which prevents the app from correctly detecting the locale and using the English resources, which -- amusingly enough -- do exist!

Unfortunately there are multiple of these arfi...exe directories at the same level (one for each time the software updates?) so it will be trial and error until you find the right one, but if you modify it like this:

    <LoadFiles culture="en">
        <LoadFileInfo FileName="lang\en\Updator.lang.xml" />
    <LoadFiles culture="ja-JP">
        <LoadFileInfo FileName="lang\jp\Updator.lang.xml" />

Well, the web pane up the top still points to the Japanese web site, so naturally that will still be in Japanese, but everything else looks fine: